New developments for Warcraft 3

A new Patch is coming to Warcraft 3 changing some multiplayer aspects

Who knows if anyone expected that. Blizzard announced in an interview that they are currently working on a new Patch for their old, but great RTS Warcraft 3. In this patch, their focus lies primarily on the multiplayer part.

With Patch 1.29, they want to rework the map pool of the competitive mode of Warcraft 3. They want to mix up the map more to support different playstyles. There will be bigger maps for massive battles and smaller ones for rather quick battles between players.

They announced that they have a lot of plans for the game. The to-do list is long and they want to see what they can actually implement. For now, they can’t say much more about it. The development just started and they have to be very careful with this. As of now, the game works perfectly and they don’t want to damage or destroy this great balance in the game.

What exactly this to-do list includes, no one knows. It could be new races, bigger troops, new additions for the existing races or even better AIs. We have to wait until Blizzard reveals more about their plans with this great RTS.

What would you like to see in Warcraft 3?

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