New gameplay of Vampyr was revealed on E3

The dark vampire adventure Vampyr reveals more of itself


In Vampyr, the player roams around as Dr Jonathan Reid. He is a surgeon and one of the survivors of the first world war. After this war, someone turned him into a vampire against his will. This leads him to a peculiar situation. On the one site, he took the oath to save those in need. He has to heal sick people and save lives. But on the other site, he has a curse on him through being a vampire. He has to feed on the flesh and blood of the living.

The game takes part in London around 1918 when the flu pandemic was active. Many died due to this unusual deadly influenza pandemic. Due to limited reports and partly only open reports from Spain, it suggested that Spain was hit the hardest and so the pandemic got its nickname “Spanish Flu”. In the game, London got hit by this flu, and the hospital is the sacred ground to help those in need and to give them shelter. But due to unforeseen circumstances, a Skal was brought to the hospital, and it is said that he killed someone there. The guards start to notice something, and it is up to the doctor to solve this matter.

During the trip, it is the player’s decision how much he wants to feed on the innocent residents of London. If he consumes their flesh and blood, he gets stronger and can better fend off others. But it can have a huge impact on the district. Sean is one of those examples that would lead to maintaining a district or to its fall. An invisible network connects everyone in London and especially in each district. The impact on others can be bigger or smaller depending on the person. Every action can lead to the rescue or downfall of London. What will you do?

Here, you can find the official website.

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