Niantic hosts special bonus-event in Pokémon GO even longer

Special bonus event gives its six bonuses even longer in Pokémon GO

In the last couple of days, Pokémon GO players could already enjoy a great time with all those bonuses. But that doesn’t seem to end today as it was actually planned.

On Twitter, the developers announced that they will extend the event for an additional 72 hours. With this, you can enjoy an additional three days the following buffs:

  • Double amount of Stardust
  • Better spawn rate for Pokémon
  • Double amount of experience points
  • Eggs can be hatched faster
  • Double amount of candies
  • Distance for Buddy is drastically shorten

So, if you didn’t have the time to enjoy all this, you can cheer up. Go out there and hunt down all those Pokémon that come across you.

While you are at it, you can also stay on the look out for the legendary Pokémon. Since the Pokémon GO fest in Chicago, it is possible to find two of the legendary Pokémon. Those are Arktos and Lugia. Noone knows how long they will be available for now. Niantic mentioned that legendary Pokémon will only be available for short time. So, you should hurry to get yours as soon as possible.

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