Nintendo reveals map of Super Mario Odyssey

The island Delfino might return with Super Mario Odyssey

We still have to wait a bit longer for Super Mario Odyssey. The PR is running like crazy and everyone is hyped for the release of the game. Now, we got a picture of the game world that you will be able to explore in later. And it seems it includes a few surprises.

This picture seems to be some advertisement where Mario wears his discoverer outfit. He stands on top of a mountain and you can see the minimap that shows his location and the whole Mushroom Kingdom. On this map, there is a small island in the lower left corner that should be well known to fans. It is said to be the island of Super Mario Sunshine named Delfino. Now, everyone is wondering if we can visit this island once more.

Super Mario Odyssey world map

As far as we know, Nintendo didn’t give any official statements. On the contrary, they have removed the access to the image. It seems like it was accidentally leaked this time. For us, this means, we really have to wait for October 27th to get our desired information. This is the date the game will be officially released for Nintendo Switch.

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