Nintendo secures trademark rights for Nintendo Check-In

Trademark Nintendo Check-In of Nintendo points toward new online service

Nintendo Switch has been released a while ago. Unlike its predecessor, it came without things like Miiverse and StreetPass. With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo already announced that this platform will get an online service. It will be delayed for a while as of some work that has still to be done. But Nintendo makes sure that it will come.

A trademark application for Nintendo Check-In seems to show some progress in this regard. It is not much known about it but many already speculate that it has to do with the Nintendo Switch. The @trademark_bot is a twitter account that tweets Japanese trademark application automatically. One of them was the Nintendo Check-In trademark. He posted it yesterday, but the application is already from June 20. In this tweet, it hints only at the possibilities where this trademark can be used:

  • Screening and production or distribution of movies
  • Stage play performances
  • Musical performance
  • Planning and management of game tournaments
  • Providing games online
  • Providing entertainment facilities
  • Rental of toys

The uses and the name itself points towards the Nintendo Switch. The console is seen as a mobile-home hybrid. The name points towards travelling. When you travel somewhere, you have to check-in into your flight or some other means of transport. The same goes for your hotel or where you want to take your rest on your journey. With this mobile as well as home is covered. But we can only speculate at this point of time. We will have to wait until Nintendo gives their statement. As of now, they didn’t say anything to this.

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