Oceanhorn 2: First gameplay trailer revealed

Oceanhorn 2: Trailer shows the fruits of one year of development


After its silent success, Oceanhorn gets its sequel with Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. Independent developer Cornfox & Bros. are very ambitious. They announced in a blog post that the game aims to be a callback to Japanese RPGs.

The sequel will use the third-person camera, unlike its predecessor which used a top-down view.  This should help to bring the player closer to the action. In addition, the game features a new, unnamed, young man as the player’s character. But it is not all about changes. The game has also the well-known elements of this genre. There is the exploration of a fascinating world, the deep background story, many secrets and twists, puzzles and battles.

Like many aspects of the game, the combat is also strongly inspired by games like Zelda. The battle system includes swordfight and spells, as well as dodging and blocking. New to the sequel is the Caster gun which shoots magical projectiles.

The world of Oceanhorn 2 is described as vast, but there is no comparison to the first game. Players can explore forest, fields, mountains and water areas. In the video below, you can see a part of the game and also some gameplay.

“For us, Oceanhorn 2 is the fulfilment of a JRPG dream. It is a dream of running down green fields with the warmth of the sun on your face,” the team of Cornfox said in a statement. “It is a dream of learning the secrets of ancient ruins despite the danger. It is also a dream of finding yourself looking at beautiful mountains on the horizon and imagining what’s beyond them. It will be an amazing journey ahead of us and we hope that you will join us on that journey!”

In the upcoming months, there will be more information regarding the game. Until now, there is no release date revealed. For more information stay tuned or visit the actual Oceanhorn-Blog.

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