Overwatch’s Summer Games 2017 started

Are you ready for the annual Summer Games in Overwatch?

Yesterday, Overwatch went into their own short summer holidays with the Summer Games 2017. It is one of the many events which Blizzard offers its fans. Together with other content, it keeps the fascination about the game running like never seen before. The Summer Games will be available for 21 days and ends on August 28. Until then, you have the possibility to obtain some really cool skins and emotes.

On the website, we are getting greeted with the following words:

The Summer Games return for more fun in the sun! This year, we’re celebrating the spirit of competition with a new Lúcioball arena, leaderboards, and competitive play. Unlock over 50 new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Mercy’s Winged Victory, Grillmaster: 76, and Lifeguard McCree—alongside all your favorite summer gear from last year.

We also get some information about the improvements and news regarding Lúcioball:

Our 2017 Summer Games event wouldn’t be complete without a display of athletic expertise, so we’re bringing back Lúcioball—and it’s better than ever! This futuristic spin on soccer places you in a fast-paced 3v3 match in Rio de Janiero’s beautiful Estádio das Rãs or on a brand-new pitch located in the Sydney Harbour Arena.

Players can choose between two modes: Lúcioball and the all-new Copa Lúcioball, which offers a more competitive experience with placement matches, skill ratings tiers, leaderboards, competitive points, and more.

This year, there are again some cool skins to obtain like the Grillmaster: 76, Côte D’Azur and Lifeguard. We wish you good look and a great harvest to get all those nice in-game items.

On the official website, you can find all the available skins and emotes.

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