Paragon adds new champion Wukong

The “King of Apes” Wukong makes its appearance in Paragon


Known from many Chinese legends and myths, Sun Wukong is an outstanding warrior ape that was born from a stone and was imprisoned by Buddha for 500 years. Afterwards, he went on a journey to the west to retrieve the Buddhist Sutras.

Wukong is obviously based on this legend. It was changed a bit as he travelled with Feng Mao instead of the monk Xuanzang and was imprisoned by Feng Mao for 100 years after he got too overbearing. After those 100 years, he was free again and stronger than ever before. He resumed to Feng Mao to pay him back for what he did.

Wukong is a deadly and elusive melee carry. He is able to farm a lot faster than other heroes. He has a high mobility which includes multiple jumps and walking in the air for a short while.

  • Control Aggression (E/Circle) – Passive: Grants bonus CP to a random minion in the area upon the last hit. Toggle: the Monkey King swaps between offensive and defensive stance. DEF – Defensive stance, OFF – Offensive stance.
  • Staff of Legend (RMB/R1) – Extends his polearm. OFF: your polearm deals damage and pushes enemies back the length of the staff. DEF: Wukong plants his staff and launches himself into the air with a directional jump.
  • Cloudwalker (Q/Square) –  Passive: Grants the Monkey King a double jump (Spacebar/X). OFF: the jump will end with a slam into the ground which deals damage and slows enemies. DEF: he is able to walk on air following the double jump.
  • 84,000 Hairs (R/Triangle) – When Wukong strikes a minion, hero or structure he will create a clone of himself. The clone cannot move and deals damage in a radius around itself. Damage dealt by clones is based on a percentage of Wukong’s damage.

As always, the new Hero is available for free and can be played since yesterday. If you can’t wait to play Paragon, you can participate in the Open Beta of the game.

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