Pokémon GO: Catch new Pokémon from Gold and Silver

Pokémon GO: New Pokémon and features to revive the Pokémon Hype


After months of waiting, players can finally catch more Pokémon in Pokémon GO with the newest Patch coming this week. 80 new monsters from the Johto Region of Pokémon Gold and Silver found their way into the virtual reality. Can you find and catch them all?

Like the first 150 Pokémon, the new ones can be found everywhere, and it depends on the luck of players if they show up near them or not. With the new Pokémon, there are also new evolutions for Pokémon like Zubat, Porygon, Slowpoke and others. A full list can be found here.

But the new monsters aren’t the only thing that will come with the patch. There will also be new mechanics.


Pokémon love Berries, so it is no surprise that there are new ones to be found. With the update, Niantic introduces two new berries. These are the Nanab Berry and the Pinap Berry. The Nanab Berry can slow down Pokémon to catch them easier. This is necessary as Pokémon can react in new ways when players encounter them. The Pinap Berry helps to get more candies if the next catch attempt succeeds after the use.

Of course, they are not the only news. During the encounter, players have it now easier to switch between berries and Pokéballs. Niantic added some item carousels for this.

With the new update also comes new possibilities to customise the Character with new hats, shirts, pants and more. Some are directly available, while others have to be purchased from the in-game Pokémon GO shop.

The eggs will also experience a change. Siph Road, a Pokémon GO community, held an experiment with collecting and hatching eggs. They found out that neither evolved forms of Baby Pokémon nor regional Pokémon will hatch from eggs. Of course, it is not 100% sure, but with 1,621 eggs it can be quite accurate.

Will this finally reignite the hype for players to give Pokémon GO another chance?


Later this year, it is also likely that Trading and PvP will finally find its way into the game. “It’s going to be done soon,” Hanke said about these features. He also added that at least one would be already available if it wasn’t for the massive server problems at the beginning.

What do you think? Will Pokémon GO see another fresh wind with many players going on a hunt for the new Pokémon?

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