Pokémon GO celebrates its first anniversary in a few days

Pokémon GO’s Birthday starts with the Fire and Ice event

Next week begins the run of a couple of events to celebrate Pokémon Go’s first anniversary. It all begins with the Fire and Ice event on June 13. You will have the chance to get more fire and ice Pokémon throughout this event. In addition, you can collect a lot more experience points for aimed throws. The shop has also some lower prices than usual to offer.

The first official Pokémon Go event in the real world is also planned already. It is the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago. It will be held on July 22nd, 2017 in the inner city of Chicago (Illinois, USA) in the beautiful Grant Park. They will celebrate many highlights with the community together. Tickets and more Details will be available starting June 19th. Even though it is hard to reach for players outside of America, you don’t have to feel sad. From June until September, there will be different events in Europe at the Unibail-Rodamco Shopping Centres. And of course, Japan will have their own event in August in Yokohama. It is called the “Pikachu Outbreak”. Further information will be provided in the coming weeks. We can look forward to an enjoying and fun filled summer with Pokémon GO.

During the anniversary evenet, the Pokémon Company also plans to release a lot of new features in Pokémon GO. Those features have their focus on corporative gameplay. For that reason, they will deactivate the arenas for a short while. More information about what they are going to do and when it happens will be provided in the next weeks.

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