Pokémon GO gets massive update with new arenas and raids

Pokémon GO will be expanded with multiplayer options


A few hours ago, Niantic started to roll out the newest update for Pokémon GO. It is by far the biggest update for Pokémon GO since its release. Because of its size, not every player can download it from the get go. Niantic will deliver it to more and more players over the next couple of hours. The patch itself comes along with numerous changes. Those include new items, raids and a revised arena system.

Changes to the arenas revolve mainly around the new motivation system. Through different actions, players ca motivate the arenas and level them. Those include the feeding of berries, the spinning of the photo disc of the arena and fights inside the arena. Every action also contributes to the new arena medal. The higher the arena medal is, the better is the chance to find valuable bonus items.

The raids enable the players to fight together against really strong Pokémon. Those are indicated through an egg that appears in arenas. Players can fight together in a group of up to 20 players to defeat those monsters. If a raid is nearby, players can see it in the nearby function.

After the monster appeared, players have one hour to defeat it. For each raid, they need a raid ticket. Those can be acquired through arenas which give one every day or through the shop where premium tickets are available. If players can’t defeat it within one hour, they can try again. They also don’t have to pay the ticket again for this monster.

Is the raid monster defeated, players get valuable loot. This includes rare candies, golden razzberries and two kinds of training devices. Those rare candies can be given to Pokémon through which it changes into their candies. The razzberry makes it a lot easier to catch Pokémon. The training devices make it possible to change the attacks of the Pokémon.

Here, you can find the official update notes.

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