Pokémon GO: Legendary Pokémons are closer than ever before

This summer will be legendary with Pokémon GO


On May 15th, the 21st Annual Webby Awards was held. Many famous figures and companies received their rewards. The webby award is seen as the Internet’s highest honour. Every year, over 13,000 entries are registered from over 70 countries. Winners of the awards are people like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, but also organisations like Google and Planned Parenthood. The spectrum of competitors and winners is very vast,

Niantic, with Pokémon GO, is one of those lucky organisations that won an award this year. They got the price for the best mobile game. This includes the best use of GPS or Location Technology as well as best experiential and Innovation. But the most important part about this is the sentence Bhargava said after receiving the price. Winners have the chance to express something with five whole words.

This is what Bhargava said:

“This summer will be legendary.”

It might be rather obvious what he means with this. This summer, it is very possible to finally get a hold of Zapdos, Arctos, Lavados and others. Niantic-CEO John Hanke said in March already that they will be available this year and now we can narrow down the timeframe even further. We wonder if they will be part of a bigger event of Niantic and only available in specific areas. In one of the first videos, we already saw people challenging Mewtwo all at once in one specific location.

Right now, we already have an event with the Adventure Week.

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