Pokémon GO: New event is coming with rock-type Pokémons

Pokémon GO: Big opportunity to gather fossils


Players can look forward to a new event in Pokémon GO this week. It comes along with a few nice benefits for the players.

The event is all about rock-type Pokémons. The event is known as the “Adventure Week”. Niantic wants to encourage players to go outside and start “digging” for uncommon, fossil-based Pokémons, like Kabuto, Omanyte and Aerodactyl.  But of course, it is not only about the fossil-based Pokémon. Every rock-type one will be more common during this week.

The event starts on May 18 at 1 p.m. PT or 9 p.m. CET. It lasts for a full week and ends on May 25 around the same time.

During this event, players get more items out of the PokéStops. This is a bonus to ensure that players can go all out on catching all the Pokémons. But that is not all, the event has to offer. Buddies need to travel a shorter distance to collect candies during this time. And the best price is an Adventurer’s Hat, which everyone gets that logs into the game during the event. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

The summer nears and with it a great time to go outside. Expect more events like the Adventure Week to appear in Pokémon GO. Earlier this month, the first sponsored outdoor event was held by Niantic with the help of the Knight Foundation. It was seen as an experiment for future outdoor events to explore cities with the help of the game. It was held in North Carolina and is part of Niantic’s goal to bring players together.

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