Relaunch of the Tokio content in The Secret World Legends

Funcom comes along with a long anticipated update for The Secret World Legends

Since the relaunch of The Secret World in June, a big part of the story is still missing. The whole story around Tokyo keeps a big hole in the content of the game. But Funcom promised to fill it step by step. With this in mind, we can get the first part of it starting today.

With today, we can enjoy a couple of new things in The Secret World Legends. They did some changes regarding weapons and the often criticised AEGIS system. Instead of a progression system, you can find the AEGIS only in specific missions now. With this, they want to take the focus away from the system and put it more on the character itself.

Here, you have the full list of changes and a roadmap for the upcoming updates:

Whispering Tide

  • The Whispering Tide has repercussions for what is happening in Tokyo and even in TSW there were little things the players did not figure it out. Hopefully, they will this time.
  • Custodians are keeping this section usable by humans. They turned the jump-pad off when things happened in Tokyo to protect everyone from it.
  • In the last story mission, something (spoilers) happens, and the filth finds its way into Agartha, triggering this event.
  • Now the custodians want to do everything to give access to Tokyo so the filth can be cleaned out
  • WT Boss fight is optimised for 40 people
  • Bird of ZeroPoint Pathogen is the official title, but Flappy is how he gets called
  • They explain the mechanics but you best head to TSWDB and read their guide for the details
  • The fight was a raid in TSW, and some mechanics are intended for higher difficulties than now in the event.
  • The Whispering Tide Event is going on to Tuesday
  • The little custodian should have the jump-pad fixed by Wednesday so everyone can get to Tokyo.
  • There will be a large spectacle on Tuesday
  • The last chance to open the relics will be on Monday, Tuesday will be no Flappy fights
  • Relics in your inventory will give you a compensation afterwards, but it will not be as much as opening them


  • Tokyo will open up on Wednesday
  • The story mission will continue where it ends right now
  • There will be changes to what was the Venetian Agenda, but you will have to earn some certification before Tokyo
  • Tokyo will be the inner part of Kaidan first, have six story and 11 main missions + several side missions
  • The other two parts of Tokyo will be released relatively shortly too. (First outer part, then the tower)
  • There will be small changes to the zone
  • The Tokyo Lair will be released as well (never made it into TSW) but not initially
  • Tokyo will be slightly harder than Trans, but not much. It is balanced to get there after finishing the Transylvania Story
  • Every time a new story comes out, you will be able to pick it up from where you left off, no need for Elite or Raid gear to do the story


  • Not a Progression system anymore
  • In TSW it was meant as reward mechanic that would players not make more powerful in the rest of the world
  • It was tied into the story, so it still will be part of the story, but mostly in the later releases of Tokyo
  • It will still be part of certain missions but in very controlled, mission depending ways

Weapon skins

  • will be Added to the dressing room
  • You will be able to modify the way the weapon looks the same way you can now with clothing
  • Some skins you can get directly from the dressing room, others you can earn
  • If you find a weapon with a new skin, you will unlock that skin automatically once the weapon is bound to the character (equipping it, upgrading, etc. )
  • More will be added later

Blade changes

  • Feedback is that it is unsatisfying right now and too much to manage
  • Using the second weapon might cause you to lose the blade buffs
  • Now the spirit blade activated effect will store up to ten charges and they don’t decay over time
  • Each time you deal damage while the spirit blade is active, you deal the extra damage, and a charge is depleted
  • Consuming Chi while active will add charges
  • Changes had to be made to skills and items
  • Soulforged blade (Skill): adds charges now
  • Hardened Blade (Skill): Now has a chance not to consume charge
  • Rhythmic Blade (weapon) Now has a chance to add charges when gaining charges
  • Other Blade things will stay the same

Elite Dungeon changes

  • Rewards will be changed. They were too much RNG depended. You could get less item XP in difficult dungeons than you might get in easier dungeons
  • Now on higher difficulty, you will always get something that is better than what you can get on the lower difficulties
  • Overall XP gain will increase compared to now

Misc changes on Wednesday Patch

  • More Scenario difficulties
  • Dramaturgy achievement will be fixed
  • Some changes to Crowd Control
  • Some changes to diminishing returns
  • Patch notes will be posted on release


  • NY Raid will come after first Tokyo patch
  • It will have a story mode so everyone can experience it
  • The Raid version will have the real challenge & progression
  • End of the year new things will come, Agent system and dark Agartha are working titles right now
  • Gearmanager is worked on, but no ETA yet
  • New PvP games are considered but still in consideration/planning phase. If you have feedback, please give it to them
  • The three missing Elite Dungeons are on the back burner for now, maybe will come in a dungeon update
  • Tokyo Dungeons have a lot of work to be done with the removal of AEGIS, and they have priority
  • Mega bosses for Lairs are planned to come out the same patch as the NY raid

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