Rumours tell about a release of Super Mario Odyssey in November

A delivery bottleneck for Nintendo Switch and a release of Super Mario Odyssey


At the beginning of this year, many news came along. At first, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch with a completely new hardware. Afterwards, more and more titles were announced that will find their way to the Nintendo Switch. Among them, there was also ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. It is said to go back to the roots of the old Marios being more appealing to the core side. Players jump through a 3D world, smashing enemies and rescuing the princess.

Nintendo already announced that it will be in time for the Christmas sales earlier this year. But until now, we don’t know an exact date. But rumours have it that it will appear in November. It is seen as the driving force behind the Christmas sales this year for Nintendo and their Switch. We will most likely get an official statement at the upcoming E3 when Nintendo sticks to their earlier announced plans.

Another rumour revolves around the shortcoming of the Nintendo Switch. As other companies and developers also need the hardware parts, Nintendo can’t  have them all and has to share with others. Because of that, the production goes on rather slowly for the Switch and many have to wait a while longer to finally get their hands on a Nintendo Switch. This shortcoming will most likely continue until the end of this year.

If we get new information, we will share it with you.

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