This Super Mario Puzzle will drive you crazy

“Chapeau!” to everyone who will try this puzzle of Super Mario

You will probably know this situation. You are stressed for whatever reason and want to relax a bit and enjoy something. Well, we might have the solution for not doing that. and if we say not, we really mean it.

Someone came up with a very crazy idea. Let’s make a puzzle of SUper Mario with 1000 parts. Ok, you might think this idea is rather great and cool. We would agree if it wasn’t for the fact that they didn’t choose the best colours for that. Most of the puzzle consists of the colour red and it is throughout the same kind of red.

Whoever created this must dislike humans or like to see them suffer. You do need nerves as strong as steel. Because otherwise, you might go insane trying to get this puzzle done. As far as we go, we don’t know how to get the better of this puzzle. At least I would go crazy if I can’t see some progress after hours of puzzling.

But if you want to give it a try, you have to import it from America. Currently, only Gamestop in America offers this crazy puzzle. But I’m sure we will get them in Europe in the near future too. But I prefer to wait for Super Mario Odyssey instead of the puzzle. At least this Mario gives me less of a headache and has probably enough to do to fill the same amount of hours.

Below, you can see the puzzle.




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