Switch version of Stardew Valley is on its way

Soon, you can enjoy Stardew Valley on another console

A while ago, the developers of Stardew Valley announced the Nintendo Switch version of the game. But after that, it was rather quiet around the game.

It seems to get more lively now. If you hadn’t had the chance to play it until now, you could even play the Switch version soon. Concerned Ape announced that they have taken all measures to successfully launch it. It shouldn’t take long anymore to launch this little masterpiece.

The game itself is far more than a simple copy of Harvest Moon. It is a story about the Stardew Valley. It is a little community where even the grandfather of the character had already a farm. Now, we inherit the farm and flee the stressful daily life to settle down for a more peaceful one. In this “world”, we discover caves, fight against monsters, take care of our piece of land and the animals on it. There will be much to do and there is even a big secret waiting for us to be unveiled.

But until we can enjoy the Switch version, we have to settle with the current ones. But even there, we can expect something new with the multiplayer add-on that is on the way. For now, we get it for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of this year. But we are sure, that you will be able to enjoy it on Nintendo Switch too.

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