Tabata reveals new plans for Final Fantasy 15

More DLCs for Final Fantasy 15

The developers of Final Fantasy 15 are already planning further steps. Director Hajime Tabata revealed in an interview with Kotaku that they plan to release more DLC in the near future. They want to fill the story gaps that are still remaining. For now, we only know of Episode Ignis, which will be released in December. Beforehand, we had Episode Gladiolus in March and Episode Prompto in June. We still wonder which one will be the next. Maybe we see an episode for Ardyn or Luna.

More episodes regarding Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis are not planned. We won’t know what will happen to them after the credits of the actual game. Furthermore, Tabata didn’t want to reveal how long they want to provide DLCs for the game. But Tabata has already an end in sight for sure. After Final Fantasy 15, they want to focus on a new game. This one will be for the next generation of consoles. We already wrote about it earlier.

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