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A Way Out: A “Prison Break”-like game

A Way Out

With A Way Out, you will be able to test if you can successfully break out of a prison In “A Way Out”, we meet Vincent and Leo. They are two prisoners who don’t really know each other. But one thought connects them both. They want to get out of this prison, no matter what. With this in mind, it is time to come up with a joint plan. The game plays in the 70s. The players start out in one of the US prisons. To get out, two players have to work together in a co-operative game mode. As this revolves around two prisoners, EA doesn’t  plan a single player mode for the game. You can team up either with a friend on the…

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Gamescom: Plans of Electronic Arts

EA at the GamesCom 2017

This is all you can expect for now from Electronic Arts at the gamescom 2017 At the EA Play last month, we already got some insight on the great projects of Electronic Arts. They presented some games where they hope that it will capture everyone’s imagination. If you missed out that event, you can watch it in the video at the end of the article. Regarding the gamescom, Electronic Arts wants to deepen the impression we have about their games. They want to show us a lot more gameplay and videos, provides us with more news and give us some hands-on experiences live in Cologne. They promise that there will be a lot to see and test. Here are the key points of the gamescom: EA Live Show. Tune…

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xHunter Online

xHunter Online is a browser-based MMORPG that revolves around the universe of the famous… details

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