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Kritika Online

Kritika Online

Kritika Online is a free-to-play 3D anime inspired fantasy MMORPG with action elements. Five years ago, En Masse and All-M released the game in the East. Last year, they finally decided to release the game also in the West. It is influenced by games like Devil May Cry and Dungeon Fighter Online. With this influence, it brings a fast-paced, over-the-top game that wants to grab your attention right from the get go. At the start of the game, you create your character. As for a lot of F2P games, the class and gender combinations are locked. For now, there are two classes for each gender which can be further specialised into two to three other subclasses. The classes for Females are Reaper and Rogue, while Males are Warriors and Gunmages. For…

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