The Long Reach: Thrilling Adventure announced for PC and consoles

The pixel adventure The Long Reach will be playable in the next months


The Ukrainian developers Painted Black Games announced their pixel adventure game The Long Reach. They want to release it in the third quarter of 2017. For now, the date of the release of the game is still unknown. It can happen at any time between today and the end of September. They plan to release the game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch.

If you can’t wait until the release you can already take a look at the game. One the one side, you have the gameplay trailer at the bottom of this article. On the other hand, you can even enjoy a demo of the game over here. Just download it and dive head first into this new adventure.

The Long Reach is an adventure of a dude that was thrown right into a big mess. An experiment went completely wrong. People were supposed to share their experience on something and for some unknown reason, it ended in this big mess. Nightmares manifest in reality and drive people insane. The scientists say that they can fix it. Do you believe them?

Go out and talk with the people. Try to find a solution for this big mess and avoid danger at all costs. If you see something dangerous, run. Run as if your fucking life depends on it. And trust me when I say that it definitely depends on it.

On your way, there will be a lot of puzzles to solve. It seems you can take an item with you? Take it, take everything, you never know when the time comes that it will help you with solving a problem.

Here, you can find the official website of the game.

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