Will Glow the Wisp is a new Bullet Hell arcade platformer

PartTimeIndie comes along with a new genre mix with their game Will Glow the Wisp

Some games are hard to evaluate. One of them is Will Glow the Wisp. It was released recently by Nikolas Crisci and PartTimeIndie.

The game has an interesting concept. It is described as a “Bullet Hell” platformer without the platform but unique pixel graphics. It is similar to Super Meat Boy together with the Bullet Hell feature from games like “Enter the Gundeon”.

If you’re as confused as us, you should watch the trailer of the game. There, we can see that we have to navigate our ship through a labyrinth. We can dash a short distance to get away from danger or attack enemies. You can compete against the ghosts of other players, too.


  • Campaign
  • Play vs. another player’s recordings
  • Beat the Developer
  • Global Highscore
  • Lots of Particles and Bullets

Beat the Developer

You are able to play against the Developer in “Will Glow the Wisp”, but only the best players will be able to handle this challenge. Do you want to give it a try?

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