Yonder: The Reasons why the game has no combat

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles: A completely story-driven game


A lot of games take influence at Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Mainly, there is Zelda, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. But it may surprise some players that Shadow of the Colossus is also an influential factor.

“Shadow of the Colossus was really impactful for me from the point of view of how beautiful and empty the world was, and you still enjoyed being in it,” Cheryl Vance, director of Prideful Sloth, said. “Between us and the contractors, we’ve probably got 100 gaming years under our belts – so a lot of influences in small, little ways, too. So many different things.”

The goal of the game is to clear out the “Murk”. It came into existence through the corruption of the Cloud Catcher. The player has to gather the Sprites that are scattered all over the world. With the help of this little creatures, he can clear the murk and ultimately restore the cloud catcher.

But it still remains the question, why there is no combat.

Vance explains that, for some games, it gets in the way of the actual story telling. Not everybody wants to die and instead enjoy the vast story that a game has to offer. The game will be open-world right from the start. In that sense, combat might get into the way. It also appeals to a wider audience. It is kept simple with the controls so that players can pick it up at any time without getting frustrated over challenging controls.

“That really came down to more of the influence of Harvest Moon and things like it…it’s just more of a thing of going, ‘What can we do and not wanting to put it in there was sort of the pillar we have, which is called the ‘safe, inviting world.’ It’s more about being able to load it, not run five minutes, and then get splattered. Our focus was the Nintendo audience, initially, [but now] it’s broadened past that, which is nice to see.”

The game will be released on the 18th July for Playstation and PC. Other platforms are in consideration but that depends on the success of the game.

The game can be found on Steam.

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